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Strategies for Lowering the Cost of Care

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TRAILER: The Savvy Health Care Shopper: Strategies for Lowering the Cost of Care

If it seems like medical costs just keep going up and up, that's because they do. But many consumers don't realize how much ability they have to contain the cost of their care. A little diligence and extra effort on your part can go a long way. It's unfortunate that you have to be so diligent to manage your costs, but it's the same in all walks of your financial life. Why would health care be any different?


Doctor visits, lab tests, prescriptions — the costs of getting medical care can add up fast, but a little diligence can go a long way to helping you save money on qualified medical expenses and make sure you’re not paying more than is absolutely necessary. In this short course, we give you simple strategies for making sure you’re getting the most bang for your health care dollar.

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