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Optum Bank Mobile App

  • Track your balance, recent transactions and contribution limits.
  • Capture and submit receipts, and add receipts to specific expenses.
  • Pay bills, track payments and reimburse yourself.
  • Search for qualified medical expenses.
  • Get a quick account snapshot any time and log in using fingerprint recognition.

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Say “OK, Google” or “Hey, Alexa”

Connect to Optum Bank and ask general account questions.

  • Determine if something is a qualified medical expense.
  • Find out the HSA contribution limits.
  • Get ready for tax time and find out which forms you need.
  • Get Optum Bank contact information.

How to get started:

Enable the Optum Bank “skill” through your Alexa app. Then simply say “Alexa, ask Optum Bank …" or “Alexa, connect me to Optum Bank” and follow the prompts. For Google Home just say “Ok, Google, ask Optum Bank …”. You can also enable your Optum Bank skill through the Amazon shopping app or Google Assistant Android.

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Apple Pay

Pay for qualified medical expenses using your iPhone.

  • Go to your Wallet.
  • Tap on the “+” to add a new debit card.
  • Follow steps to add your card. Note: You’ll need your debit card.
  • Optum Bank will verify your information. 
  • After Optum Bank verifies your card, tap “Next.” 

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