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Your HSA as an Investment Tool

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TRAILER: Money in the Bank: Your Health Savings Account as an Investment Tool

Your health savings account can be more than a place to set aside tax-free income to pay your medical bills. It can be a savvy long-term savings tool right up there with your 401(k) and your IRA. The truth is that, as you age, your health care needs are going to go up. It's just part of getting older. More doctor visits, more medicine and more costs. But when you take advantage of the investment features of your health savings account, you can make sure you're covered, and then some, allowing you to have the golden years you're hoping for.


Your health savings account (HSA) is more than a tool to help you save money on medical costs. It’s a smart long-term investment vehicle that can help you build a financial plan for today and tomorrow. In this short course, you’ll learn how to make your HSA a key component of your short- and long-term investment strategies.

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