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What is HealthSafe ID?


Because your security is our top priority at Optum Bank, we’ve updated our sign-in process to use HealthSafe ID. HealthSafe ID is our leading technology that strengthens website authentication protocols and enhances the security of your account by adding dual-factor authentication so it remains safe and secure.

HealthSafe ID makes signing in easy and more secure

Using a HealthSafe ID gives you access to many of your health benefits with just one username and password. No more multiple passwords for multiple sites. Use it whenever you see the HealthSafe ID name.

HealthSafe ID is used as a single set of sign-in credentials across UnitedHealth Group, which allows Optum Bank to take advantage of the scale of UnitedHealth Group in safeguarding consumer account information.

Optum Bank data is not shared

Please know that your Optum Bank data is never shared with UnitedHealthcare, or any other groups (unless you have UnitedHealthcare medical insurance). In fact, HealthSafe ID does not store any demographic information and the email we collect is strictly for two-factor authentication for security purposes. 

Who owns HealthSafe ID?

HealthSafe ID is owned by UnitedHealth Group, which is the parent company of both UnitedHealthcare and Optum®. Optum manages the HealthSafe ID solution within UnitedHealth Group.



Not sure if you have HealthSafe ID?

If you’ve ever had an Optum ID, you can use the same username and password to sign in. If you’re still not sure, start the registration form and we’ll let you know if your information is already connected to a HealthSafe ID. We can also help you recover your username or password if you forgot.  

Click here to recover your username

Click here to recover your password




No HealthSafe ID? No problem.

Here are steps to get your HealthSafe ID if you don’t have one yet. Registration is easy.

  1. It typically takes less than 5 minutes.
  2. You only have to do it once — quickly sign in with your new username and password each time you return.
  3. In order to change your sign-in credentials, you will be directed to the HealthSafe ID registration page. This is a valid URL that is wholly owned and operated by Optum.
  4. You’ll need to provide your name, birthdate, ZIP code, phone number and either an employee ID or Social Security number.
  5. We’ll ask you to confirm your email and phone number to keep your account secure.
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Need additional help?

We’re here for you. Call our Customer Service support line at 1-866-234-8913.


*Employers and providers, you will continue to sign in the same way. You do not need to create a HealthSafe ID unless you are an Optum Bank account holder.