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Invest today for a healthy future for your family.

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The benefits of a health savings account (HSA).

With an HSA, you can deposit, grow, save and pay for future and qualified medical expenses, income tax-free.

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Start saving for your health care today.

If you currently have a qualifying high-deductible health plan (HDHP), you may be eligible to enroll in an HSA.

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HSA 101: Educational tips and tricks.

Find out how to make deposits, grow your funds, pay for qualified medical expenses and save on taxes.

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Welcome, Wells Fargo health savings account holders

Access important information on the transition of your health savings account, including FAQs and a checklist at: optumbank.com/wellsfargo.

You can also call our Wells Fargo customer support at 1-844-326-7967.

*Investments are not FDIC-insured, are not guaranteed by Optum Bank and may lose value.