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HSA-FSA card: Pay the smarter way

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Pay the Smarter Way (Digital Wallet Users)


Your payment card is the most convenient way to pay for all the items that are covered by your account. Bonus – you also save an average of 30% on any health costs because you are using pre-tax funds.

It’s fast for paying on-the-spot at all kinds of places like big box stores and small stores too, the doctor’s office, the pharmacy checkout, and even for online purchases or for bills from your provider. 

Plus, no more worries about carrying cash, checks or other credit cards or waiting to be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses. Remember your payment card and you can forget about the paperwork since your purchases will be recorded and, almost always, automatically verified.

It doesn’t get any simpler. Using your payment card is the easy way to pay! For even more convenience, just add your card to your phone or watch’s digital wallet!



Watch this video to learn more about how to pay for everyday health expenses like contact lenses, lab fees, cough medicine and more with your HSA-FSA card. Plus, you save up to 30%* since you’re using pretax dollars. Browse thousands of qualified expenses today.

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Use your card to shop for everyday health expenses — all while saving 30% with pretax funds.*

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*Savings compares using pretax income in your health benefit account (HSA, FSA) to using after-tax income for purchases and assumes a 30% combined tax rate from all applicable federal, state and FICA taxes. Results and amount will vary depending on your circumstances.