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Digital wallet: The easier way to pay on the go

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Digital Wallet - Pay the modern, convenient way (HSA)


You know how to pay this way and this way, but now there’s an even easier way to pay on the go. Simply add your HSA card to your phone or watch and always have access to your account funds. Giving you ultimate convenience. You’ll have one less card to carry, yet always have it with you!

It’s super-fast to pay when shopping online, on your phone, in stores, and at your provider. Use it everywhere that your card and contactless payments are accepted for all your qualified expenses. And it’s more secure than a physical card, since your information is protected.

You can get started with 3-easy steps. Use your preferred digital wallet app, like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, or Samsung Pay. Add your payment card. Scan it for a fast add and follow the steps to verify your info. When it’s time to pay, open your app, choose your HSA card, and hold your phone or watch up to the contactless card reader. It's that easy!

Don’t leave home without your HSA card – add it to your phone or watch today.


Watch this video to learn more about how adding your HSA payment card to your digital wallet can help you pay for health care items while you're on the go. With just a tap of your smartphone, you can easily pay for everything from copays and prescriptions to acupuncture and acne meds.  Plus, you save up to 30% since you’re using pretax dollars.*

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Use your card to shop for everyday health expenses — all while saving 30% with pretax funds.*

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*Savings compares using pretax income in your health benefit account (HSA, FSA) to using after-tax income for purchases and assumes a 30% combined tax rate from all applicable federal, state and FICA taxes. Results and amount will vary depending on your circumstances.