New account holder checklist

Now that you've opened an HSA, it's time to make a plan for saving and set up your account to take advantage of all its benefits.

Check the following off your list to help you save and pay for health care costs:

 Register for online access to your account – Choose online or mail delivery of important documents, deposit funds and pay bills online.
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 Start making contributions – Consider setting up automatic deductions from your paycheck, if your employer offers that option. You can make contributions by logging into your account and setting up a one-time or recurring transfer from another bank account.
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 Designate a beneficiary – Make it clear who should receive the money in your account, in the event of your death, by logging in and completing the beneficiary designation form available within your profile.
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 Activate your Optum Bank® Health Savings Account Debit MasterCard® Using your debit card is a convenient way to reimburse yourself or pay for qualified medical expenses at the time of service or purchase.
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 Review the fee schedule for your account – You can access this information by logging into your account.  Your welcome kit will also contain this and other important information.

 Get up to speed on qualified medical expenses – Find out what expenses are qualified for tax advantages so you don't accidentally use your account for nonqualified expenses and have to pay taxes and IRS penalties on the distributions. Save all receipts for qualified medical expenses.
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Check your balance, make deposits, pay online, see statements, and more when you log in to your account using our secure website.
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You can shop for HSA-qualified items on Use your Optum Bank® HSA Debit MasterCard® to pay.
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