Who can contribute

Anyone can contribute to your HSA: you, your employer, family and friends.

Your contributions

Contributions you make to your HSA are tax deductible as long as you don't exceed the annual contribution limit. To take advantage of the tax benefits, you can:

  • Have contributions automatically deducted from your paycheck if your employer offers payroll deductions.
  • Make deposits on your own.

Your employer's contributions

If your employer contributes to your HSA, the funds are yours as soon as they are deposited - even if you change jobs or are laid off. Keep a couple of key things in mind:

  • The contributions your employer makes do not count toward your gross income.
  • Your employers' contributions count toward your annual contribution limit.
  • Your employer determines how much and how often they contribute to your HSA.

Contributions from others

Friends, family or really anyone else can contribute to your HSA by writing a check payable to you. These contributions do count toward your annual contribution limit.

Watch your contribution limit

Contributions from all sources – you, your employer, family and friends – count toward your annual IRS contribution limit. So, it's important to carefully plan how much you'll deposit annually to avoid excess contributions.
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If you're an Optum Bank HSA account holder, you can set up deposits, view monthly statements, make payments, and otherwise manage your account online.
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