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How to use an HSA

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Scene 1

On Screen: Money appears on screen with text (SAVE SMART)

Voiceover: Save smart.

Scene 2


Voiceover: It’s easy to do with your Optum bank health savings account.

Scene 3

On Screen: Money and wallet appear on screen, wallet opens up and money goes in wallet

Voiceover: Start by simply making a deposit into your HSA.

Scene 4

On Screen: Money symbol and person appear on screen with text (PAYROLL DEDUCTION)

Voiceover: One way is through payroll deduction, if you employer offers that option.

Scene 5

On Screen: Money appears on screen in a long row

Voiceover: Decide how much you want to contribute from each paycheck and that amount is automatically

Scene 6

On Screen: Money goes into wallet with text (AUTOMATICALLY DEPOSITED)

Voiceover: deposited into your account.

Scene 7

On Screen: Money symbol on computer monitor with text (OPTUMBANK.COM)

Voiceover: You can also make an online deposit at Optumbank.com,



Scene 8

On Screen: Calendars scroll past screen with certain dates being highlighted

Voiceover: either as a one time or recurring contribution.

Scene 9

On Screen: Multiple people, wallet and money appear on screen. Money goes into wallet

Voiceover: And you’re not the only one who can contribute to your account, anyone can.

Scene 10

On Screen: Birthday cake appears with a list with text (WISH LIST) on it, with text (HSA DEPOIST) on the list

Voiceover: So if your birthday is right around the corner, go ahead and put HSA deposit on your wish list.

Scene 11

On Screen: Money stacking up to dotted line with text (HSA CONTRIBUTION LIMIT)

Voiceover: Just remember that all deposits count towards the annual contribution limits set by the IRS.

Scene 12

On Screen: Calculator with text (CALCULATOR) and (CALCULATE MY CONTRIBUTION) on it.    Text (OPTUMBANK.COM) than appears. New button appears on calculator, arrow clicks on bottom with text (CALCULATE MY TAX SAVINGS). Numbers ($2,070) appear.

Voiceover: Be sure to use the HSA calculator at optumbank.com to determine how much you can contribute, while you’re at it use it to estimate your tax savings.

Scene 13

On Screen: Wallet with money in it appears, money flies out of wallet. Money flies over money lifting weights.

Voiceover: Now it’s time to put your HSA to work.





Scene 14

On Screen: Money flies into folder with text (QUALIFIED MEDICAL EXPENSES/ YOU + ELIGIBLE DEPENDENTS). Depiction of a doctor and a pill bottle are on the folder.

Voiceover: You can use your HSA dollars to pay for qualified medical expenses for you and your eligible dependents.

Scene 15

On Screen: Wallet comes on screen. HSA debit card flies out of wallet and text (HSA DEBIT CARD) appear. Then text (OR AFTER YOU RECEIVE A BILL) comes on screen.

Voiceover: The easiest way to pay is with you HSA debit card, you can use it on the spot or after you receive a bill.

Scene 16

On Screen: Mailbox comes on screen and an envelope flies out, then an HSA debit card comes out of the envelope.

Voiceover: You’ll receive your debit card in the mail shortly after your account is opened.

Scene 17

On Screen: Computer monitor appears on screen with a search bar, text (OPTUMBANK.COM) get typed in search bar.

Voiceover: Another easy option is to pay online at optumbank.com

Scene 18

On Screen: Money symbol comes on computer monitor, arrows point to text (PROVIDERS/PHARMACIES/OTHER PAYEES)

Voiceover: where you can send payments directly to healthcare providers, pharmacies, or other payees.

Scene 19

On Screen: Shirt pocket comes on screen with text (ALREADY PAID OUT OF POCKET?). Money symbol flies out of pocket and into another shirt pocket with text (IT’S EASY!).

Voiceover: Already payed your bill out of pocket? No problem, it’s easy to reimburse yourself.



Scene 20

On Screen: Computer monitor comes on screen with symbol of a hand with money in it with text (REIMBURSEMENT).

Voiceover: Login into your account to request an electronic or check reimbursement.

Scene 21

On Screen: Then receipt and vault appear on computer monitor

Voiceover: Finally, make sure you keep your receipts you can conveniently upload and store them on optumbank.com,

Scene 22

On Screen: Then receipts go into vault. Vault then closes and Uncle Sam walks on screen.

Voiceover: this way you can organize you receipts into folders to help you keep track of them in case you’re ever audited by the IRS.

Scene 23

On Screen: Money appears with text (SAVE SMART)

Voiceover: Just another way to help you save smart.

Scene 24

On Screen: Money appears with a question mark on it, it spins of screen and text (LEARN MORE OPTUMBANK.COM)

Voiceover: Still have question about your HSA? Visit optumbank.com to learn more.

Scene 25

On Screen: Text (OPTUMBANK.COM MEMBER FDIC) Credits/Disclaimers ( Heath savings accounts (HSAs) are individual accounts offered or administered by Optum Bank, Member FDIC, and are subject to eligibility requirements and restrictions on deposits and withdrawals to avoid IRS penalties. State taxes may apply. Fees may reduce earnings on account. This communication is not intended as legal or tax advice. Federal and state laws and regulations are subject to change. )

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Learn how to make deposits to and withdrawals from your health savings account (HSA).