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FSA - How to file a claim

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FSA - How To File a Claim

FSA How To File a Claim Detailed Video Transcript

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How to file a claim for an out-of-pocket expense using your flexible spending account, or FSA.

It’s easy!

First – log in to optumbank.com and click on File a Claim in the “I want to” section.

For an expense you’ve already incurred, select “Reimbursement” as the Expense type.

Choose the correct account to reimburse your service or purchase and then enter the Expense amount.

Include the Provider or Merchant name from the dropdown menu or add a new provider or merchant by clicking Add. Their information will be saved in your dropdown menu.

Your claim won’t be processed if you don’t include a Provider or Merchant name.

Choose your preferred Reimbursement Method. You can have the funds transferred to your external bank account or have a check mailed to your home.

Click Continue to go to Expense Information.

Here’s where you add Date of Service

[Be sure date matches receipt]

Expense category

Patient’s name…

and a Description of the eligible expense. If there are multiple items, list each one here.

[Be sure info matches receipt]

These items are required.

Click Continue to go to the Confirmation.

Review the information for accuracy. Make sure to upload your receipt or explanation of benefits with eligible expenses identified, or your claim won’t be processed.

Then – just click submit.

It generally takes 2-to-5 business days to process your claim.

After that, generally, another 3-to-4 business days to receive funds electronically or 7-to-10 business days to receive a paper check in the mail.

Disclaimer: Flexible spending accounts (FSAs) are administered by OptumHealth Financial Services and are subject to eligibility and restrictions.  The content of this communication is not intended as legal or tax advice.  Federal and state laws and regulations are subject to change.

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Do you have questions about how to file a claim?  Watch this video for step by step instructions on how to file a claim. 

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