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The Optum Bank Academy offers in-depth HSA knowledge, in a new interactive way. 

Date Posted: October 23, 2018


Understanding your HSA shouldn’t feel like work. That’s why Optum Bank Academy breaks it all down for you in four new courses, available now. The goal? To help you get the most out of your HSA.

Ditch the textbooks. Go digital. The Academy serves up fun and engaging videos, and they’re all designed to show you how to take charge of your health finances. Each course focuses on a subject to help you make smarter decisions with your health care dollars. Choose the courses you like. Or take them all. It’s up to you.

Because every student is special. Only Optum Bank account holders enjoy exclusive access to Academy videos, finance quizzes, resources and other educational tools.

The best way to become an expert? Learn from the experts. As the U.S. market leader in HSAs, Optum Bank is uniquely positioned to help you maximize your health care dollars.

A course for every student. A path for financial freedom. Whatever stage you’re in on your savings journey — whether you’re focused on covering this year’s deductible or you’re well-versed in investment and retirement strategies — there’s a course for you.

Available Optum Bank Academy courses include: 

  • Course 1: HSA — Start Saving Now
  • Course 2: Money Management: Using Your HSA to Take Control of Your Health Care Dollars
  • Course 3: The Savvy [Health Care] Shopper: Strategies for Lowering the Cost of Care
  • Course 4: Money in the Bank: Your HSA as an Investment Tool

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