Health savings accounts (HSA)

An Optum health savings account (HSA) provides employees with a tax-advantaged way to save and pay for qualified health care expenses now and into retirement — all while lowering your administrative overhead.

Making the most of health care dollars

Providing industry-leading experience in HSAs

Why offer an HSA?

Optum: Where health care and financial services converge

For more than 25 years, Optum has led the way in health account administration. More than simply providing an account, Optum focuses on the convergence of health care and financial services to help employees grow from an account holder to a long-term health saver. We believe that when your employees have money to pay for health care, they’ll make better decisions and will be healthier.

Health savings accounts from Optum Bank®, Member FDIC, include engaging and informative account tools and information — from pre-enrollment through enrollment and post-enrollment — to help employees understand the relationship between their health and wealth.

Optum research into health savings and spending

At Optum, we’re committed to educating and guiding employees on using their HSA wisely. Optum research shows there are 5 stages of health savings and spending, each with a variety of goals, mindsets and activities.

Optum can provide information, tools and support based on where each employee is in their individual journey across these 5 stages.
 Learn more about the 5 Stages of Health Saving and Spending  

Watch the video to learn about the HSA journey and the 5 stages a person goes through when owning an HSA. Decide – Open – Use – Manage – Optimize.

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So is saving the money needed to pay for qualified medical expenses. Learn more about this journey and how you can help employees through each stage.
 Explore the 5 Stages of Health Saving & Spending


We have education tools to help you educate employees how to plan, save and pay with their health accounts. Options for both online service and call center response mean employees can manage their benefits when it’s convenient for them.


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