Health Advantage Account Suite

Offering the right accounts and the right solutions is key to your benefits plan. HSA, HRA, FSA, RRA — there are multiple health care account options designed to make health care more affordable for employees. How can you seamlessly manage these accounts as your benefit offerings adapt and change?

Optum was among the first to offer combinations of HSA, HRA, FSA and RRA accounts. Today, we make it easy to bring multiple accounts together into one easy-to-use offering with our Health Advantage Account Suite.

A complete health care accounts platform for your employees

Why look to the Health Advantage Account Suite?

Optum:  Where health care and financial services converge

For more than 25 years, Optum has led the way in health account administration. More than simply provide an account, Optum focuses on the convergence of health care and financial services to help employees grow from an account holder to a long-term health saver. We believe that when your employees have money to pay for health care, they’ll make better decisions and will be healthier.

When it comes to Health Advantage accounts, employees need to understand how and why to save and manage health care dollars for medical costs. Optum supports you with communication pieces and tools that give employees the information and inspiration they need to take ownership of their health care.

Groundbreaking research into health savings and spending

At Optum, we’re committed to educating and guiding employees on using their health accounts wisely. We conducted proprietary research that identified 5 stages of health savings and spending, each with a variety of goals, mindsets and activities.

Drawing on this research, Optum can provide information, tools and support based on where each employee is in their individual journey across these 5 stages.
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Find out how you can encourage better decisions and healthier employees with our Health Advantage Account Suite.
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