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Optum specializes in helping employers – and their brokers and benefits consultants – provide cost-effective health care options for employees and retirees. We can help you offer competitive benefits plans while managing your costs with flexible health accounts that work with your medical, dental and vision plans.

The 5 stages of saving and spending

Most people go through a 5-stage journey as they save and pay for health care. Recognizing and assisting your employees as they transition through these stages can lead to better decisions and greater financial well being.

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Health savings accounts (HSAs)

Combine a high-deductible health plan with HSAs to help employees pay medical expenses with pretax dollars, save for future medical expenses and grow retirement savings.
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Flexible spending accounts (FSAs)

Give employees the opportunity to reduce taxable income and put away money for health care or dependent care.
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Health reimbursement accounts

Help employees offset some of their out-of-pocket medical costs with these tax-advantaged accounts.
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Optum was among the first to offer combinations of HSA, HRA, FSA and RRA accounts. Today, we make it easy to bring multiple accounts together into one easy-to-use offering.
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We have education tools to help you educate employees how to plan, save and pay with their health accounts. Options for both online service and call center response mean employees can manage their benefits when it’s convenient for them.


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