Introducing the Optum Bank® Mobile App

Date Posted : January 16, 2018


Optum Bank Mobile App

Make managing your accounts easier, especially when you’re on the go. Download the Optum Bank mobile app for access to these tools and more.


Check your balance

Get a quick account snapshot, or log in using the secure Touch ID fingerprint recognition or your password to get the details.

HSA progress bar

Learn where you currently are in the 5 Stages of Health Saving and Spending and how to progress to the next stage.

Qualified medical expenses

Search for qualified medical expenses, and quickly determine what you can pay for using your HSA.

Manage payments

Pay expenses, reimburse yourself and track out-of-pocket expenses right from your phone, anytime.

Receipt capture

Save your receipts for qualified medical expenses, and access them from the app or by signing in to your account.

Download the app today!

App features do not apply to all products. Some app features may be available in later releases.

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