MasterCard Services

MasterCard provides valuable security services to help protect your health savings account.

MasterCard's ID Theft Services

With your Optum Bank Health Savings Account Debit MasterCard® you are automatically enrolled in MasterCard’s ID Theft Resolution Service. This service is offered by MasterCard at no additional cost to customers.

MasterCard’s ID Theft Services include:

  • 24/7 access to certified resolution specialists
  • Internet monitoring seeks to proactively detect stolen personally identifiable information (PII) and compromised confidential data online
  • Assistance from a specialist with notification to all three major credit reporting agencies
  • Assistance with completing paperwork to alert various parties of the potential fraud
  • Assistance with cancellation of all lost cards in wallet
  • Education about how identity theft can occur and protective measures to avoid further occurrences
  • Cardholder satisfaction follow-ups

To learn more about the benefits, please contact the MasterCard Assistance Center at 1-800-MC-ASSIST (1-800-622-7747).


MasterCard SecureCode™

Optum Bank Health Savings Account Debit MasterCard® account owners also receive additional protection of their personal information by using the MasterCard SecureCode™ for online purchases at participating retailers.

How SecureCode protects you
A SecureCode, known only to you, validates your identity as the cardholder for online transactions with participating retailers. Here’s how it works:

  • Each time you make an online purchase with a participating retailer, a window pops up, asking for your SecureCode. 
  • Correctly enter your SecureCode. This confirms you are the authorized cardholder and your purchase is completed.

A SecureCode prevents unauthorized online purchases. Also, online retailers cannot see your SecureCode, adding an additional layer of protection.

Obtaining a SecureCode is easy
If you don’t already have a SecureCode, here’s what to do:

  • The next time you use your Optum Bank Debit MasterCard® for an online purchase, you will be prompted to register for a SecureCode.
  • Choose your password, briefly provide other requested information identifying yourself, and continue to complete your purchase.

For future online purchases, you will be asked to enter that same SecureCode to complete the transaction. SecureCodes are required for all your HSA online debit card purchases at participating retailers. More than 350,000 online retailers support SecureCode, and their ranks are growing all the time.

A SecureCode is not the same as your PIN
PINs are used to access cash at ATMs or pay at the point of sale. In contrast, a SecureCode is only for online purchases.

You can still use your card with online retailers not asking for your SecureCode
You can still use your card with online retailers who aren’t yet including a SecureCode in their check-out process. Just follow the traditional steps to complete your purchase with them. However, the number of participating online retailers is growing every day. It is likely that you will be able to gain the benefits of SecureCode with these retailers soon.

SecureCode customer service
If you forget your SecureCode, please contact us.

MasterCard SecureCode is not available on all Optum Bank card products.

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