HSA Investment Services

You may choose to potentially grow your savings for future health care costs by investing some of your money in mutual funds. Once you reach the designated balance for your HSA, known as the investment threshold, you can invest a portion of your savings.

Investment Guidelines
The following guidelines apply when you invest some of your HSA funds:

  • When funds are transferred to your investment account, the amount of the transfer cannot bring the balance of your HSA below your investment threshold.
  • The minimum amount that can be transferred to your investment account is $100.
  • You can't make payments for qualified medical expense directly from your investment account. If you wish to use funds from your investment account to make payments, the funds will first need to be moved back into your HSA.

* Investments are not FDIC-insured, are not guaranteed by Optum Bank and may lose value.

Health savings accounts (HSAs) are subject to eligibility requirements and restrictions on deposits and withdrawals to avoid IRS penalties. State taxes may apply. The content on this website is not intended as legal or tax advice.